Baltimore City Council
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File #: 21-0023    Version: 0 Name: Urban Renewal - Middle East - Amendment __
Type: Ordinance Status: Enacted
File created: 1/25/2021 In control: Baltimore City Council
On agenda: Final action: 7/14/2021
Enactment #: 21-029
Title: Urban Renewal - Middle East - Amendment __ For the purpose of amending the Urban Renewal Plan for Middle East to modify certain land uses allowed in the Plan, to correct, clarify, and conform certain provisions and references in the Plan to those in the current Baltimore City Zoning Code, to replace Appendix B with new Appendix B, to delete Appendix E in its entirety, to remove certain properties from the lists in Appendices A, C, and D and to remove certain other properties located within the Renewal Area; to replace the exhibits with new exhibits to reflect the changes in the Plan, and to modify the boundaries of the Plan to reflect the removal of certain properties, as shown on the new exhibits; waiving certain content and procedural requirements; making the provisions of this Ordinance severable; providing for the application of this Ordinance in conjunction with certain other ordinances; and providing for a special effective date.
Sponsors: Antonio Glover
Indexes: Amendment, Urban Renewal
Attachments: 1. Exhibit Sheet 1 of 4, 2. Exhibit Sheet 2 of 4, 3. Exhibit Sheet 3 of 4, 4. Exhibit Sheet 4 of 4, 5. 21-0023~1st Reader, 6. Planning Commission 21-0023, 7. DOT 21-0023, 8. Sign Certificate of Posting 1, 9. Sign Certificate of Posting 2, 10. Notification Letters to Community Associations, 11. Newspaper Affidavit - The Daily Record - 21-0023, 12. LAW 21-0023, 13. DHCD 21-0023, 14. CHAP 21-0023, 15. CHAP MEMO - 21-0023, 16. BDC 21-0023, 17. DPW 21-0023, 18. 21-0023 - Agenda, 19. Hearing Packet 21-0023 C, 20. 21-0023 Minutes, 21. Hearing Notes - 21-0023, 22. 2nd Reader Amendment 21-0023(1)~1st (comm), 23. 21-0023~3rd Reader, 24. Board of Estimates Submission Process Update, 25. EWY waive rules and announce hearing - 04.29.21, 26. Final Agenda 6-8-21 2PM, 27. 21-0023~3rd Reader, 28. Board of Estimates Submission Process Update, 29. EWY waive rules and announce hearing - 04.29.21, 30. Final Agenda 6-8-21 2PM, 31. 21-0023~3rd Reader, 32. 21-0023 Signed, 33. Signed Ordinance 21-0023
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7/19/20210 Mayor Signed by Mayor  Action details Meeting details Not available
6/8/20210 Baltimore City Council Approved and Sent to the Mayor  Action details Meeting details Not available
5/17/20210 Baltimore City Council 3rd Reader, for final passage  Action details Meeting details Not available
5/17/20210 Economic and Community Development Recommended Favorably with Amendment  Action details Meeting details Not available
5/4/20210 Economic and Community Development Recommended Favorably with AmendmentPass Action details Meeting details Not available
4/20/20210 Economic and Community Development Advertising  Action details Meeting details Not available
4/15/20210 Economic and Community Development Sign Posting  Action details Meeting details Not available
4/5/20210 Economic and Community Development Scheduled for a Public Hearing  Action details Meeting details Not available
1/28/20210 Baltimore City Council Refer to Dept. of Transportation  Action details Meeting details Not available
1/28/20210 Baltimore City Council Refer to Dept. of Public Works  Action details Meeting details Not available
1/28/20210 Baltimore City Council Refer to Commission for Historical & Architectural Preservation  Action details Meeting details Not available
1/28/20210 Baltimore City Council Refer to Baltimore Development Corporation  Action details Meeting details Not available
1/28/20210 Baltimore City Council Refer to City Solicitor  Action details Meeting details Not available
1/28/20210 Baltimore City Council Refer to Planning Commission  Action details Meeting details Not available
1/28/20210 Baltimore City Council Refer to Dept. of Housing and Community Development  Action details Meeting details Not available
1/25/20210 Baltimore City Council Assigned  Action details Meeting details Not available
1/25/20210 Baltimore City Council Introduced  Action details Meeting details Not available

Explanation: Capitals indicate matter added to existing law.

[Brackets] indicate matter deleted from existing law.


                     * Warning: This is an unofficial, introductory copy of the bill.

                     The official copy considered by the City Council is the first reader copy.



                     City of Baltimore

                     Council Bill          


Introduced by: Councilmember Glover                                                                                             


                     A Bill Entitled


An Ordinance concerning


Urban Renewal - Middle East - Amendment __

For the purpose of amending the Urban Renewal Plan for Middle East to modify certain land uses allowed in the Plan, to correct, clarify, and conform certain provisions and references in the Plan to those in the current Baltimore City Zoning Code, to replace Appendix B with new Appendix B, to delete Appendix E in its entirety, to remove certain properties from the lists in Appendices A, C, and D and to remove certain other properties located within the Renewal Area; to replace the exhibits with new exhibits to reflect the changes in the Plan, and to modify the boundaries of the Plan to reflect the removal of certain properties, as shown on the new exhibits; waiving certain content and procedural requirements; making the provisions of this Ordinance severable; providing for the application of this Ordinance in conjunction with certain other ordinances; and providing for a special effective date.



By authority of

Article 13 - Housing and Urban Renewal

Section 2-6

Baltimore City Code

(Edition 2000)




The Urban Renewal Plan for Middle East was originally approved by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore by Ordinance 79-1202 and last amended by Ordinance 18-190.


An amendment to the Urban Renewal Plan for Middle East is necessary to modify certain land uses allowed in the Plan, to correct, clarify, and conform certain provisions and references in the Plan to those in the current Baltimore City Zoning Code, to replace Appendix B with new Appendix B, to delete Appendix E in its entirety, to remove certain properties from the lists in Appendices A, C, and D and to remove certain other properties located within the Renewal Area; to replace the exhibits with new exhibits to reflect the changes in the Plan, and to modify the boundaries of the Plan to reflect the removal of certain properties, as shown on the new exhibits.


Under Article 13, § 2-6 of the Baltimore City Code, no change may be made in any approved renewal plan unless the change is approved in the same manner as that required for the approval of a renewal plan.


Section 1.  Be it ordained by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, That the following changes in the Urban Renewal Plan for Middle East are approved:


(1)                     In the Plan, in A.1., delete the boundary description paragraph and substitute the following:


A.                     Description of Project


1.                     Boundary Description


The boundary description of the Plan is shown on Exhibit 1, “Land Use Plan”, dated November 10, 2020.


(2)                     In the Plan, amend B.(1) to read as follows:


B.                     Land Use Plan


(1)                     Permitted Land Uses


Only the use categories shown on the Land Use Plan Map, Exhibit No. 1, shall be permitted within the project area.  These are Residential,; Office-Residential,; Commercial, which includes Neighborhood Business, and General Commercial;[Industrial, Public, and Institutional] General Industrial; Educational Campus; Bioscience; Industrial Mixed-Use; Hospital; [Nonconforming Use, and Noncomplying Structure] and Nonconformities.


a.                     Residential


Residential uses shall be those permitted by the Zoning Code of Baltimore City[, and nonconforming uses authorized by the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals are only allowed in structures located on a corner].


b.                     Office-Residential


Office-residential uses shall be those permitted [in] under the [O-R Zoning District] Office Residential use categories of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.


c.                     Commercial


(1)                     Commercial uses permitted shall be those permitted under the [B-1] C-1 (Neighborhood Business), [B-2 (Community business)] C-2 (Community Commercial), [and B-3 (Community Commercial)] C-3 (General Commercial), and C-4 (Community Commercial) use categories of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.


(2)                     After enactment of Amendment No. 4 to this Plan, no new establishments that sell alcoholic beverages shall be permitted in the Middle East Urban Renewal Area.


[d.                     Industrial]


[Industrial uses shall be those permitted by the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.]


[e.                     Public]


[In the area designated Public on the Land Use Plan Map, uses shall be limited to parks, playgrounds, plazas, and malls; active and passive recreation; schools and related educational facilities; neighborhood centers; medical centers; public offices; libraries; fire houses; parking; and public facilities.]


[f.                     Institutional]


[In the area designated Institutional on the Land Use Plan Map, uses are limited to active and passive recreation; hospitals, medical centers, and related medical facilities; neighborhood centers, parks, and playgrounds; plazas and malls; schools and related educational facilities; and off-street parking.]


d.                     General Industrial


General Industrial uses shall be those permitted under the

I-2 General Industrial Use categories of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.


e.                     Educational Campus


Educational campus uses shall be those permitted under the EC Educational Campus Use categories of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.


f.                     Bioscience


Bioscience uses shall be those permitted under the BSC Bioscience Use categories of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.


g.                     Industrial Mixed-Use


Industrial Mixed-Uses shall be those permitted under the IMU Industrial Mixed-Use categories of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.


h.                     Hospital


Hospital uses shall be those permitted under the hospital use categories of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.


[g.                     Nonconforming Use]


[A nonconforming use is any lawfully existing use of a building or other structure, or of land that does not conform to the applicable use regulations of the district in which it is located, according to the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.  Nonconforming uses shall be permitted to continue, subject to the provisions of Title 13, titled “Nonconformance”.  However, the following uses will not be allowed as a change in a nonconforming use:]


[Tobacco shops (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)

Bail Bonds Offices (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)

Amusement devices (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)

Clubs and lodges: private nonprofit (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)


Marinas: accessory

Marinas: recreational

Marinas: recreational boat launch/tie up

Poultry-and rabbit-killing establishments

Radio and television antennas that are free-standing or that

extend more than 25 feet above the building on which they are mounted - but not including microwave antennas (satellite dishes)

Recycling collection stations

Restaurants - including live entertainment and dancing, and

including accessory outdoor table service (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)

Tattoo parlors

Travel trailers, recreational vehicles, and similar camping

equipment: parking or storage.]


[h.                      Noncomplying Structure]


[A noncomplying structure, as set forth in Title 13 of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City, is any lawfully existing structure that does not comply with the bulk regulations of the zoning district in which it is located.  These noncomplying structures shall be permitted to continue, subject to the provisions of Title 13.]


i.                     Nonconformities


Nonconformities shall be permitted to continue, subject to the provisions of Title 18, titled “Nonconformities” of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.  However, the following uses will not be allowed as a change in a nonconforming use:


Tobacco shops (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)

Bail Bonds Offices (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)

Amusement devices (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)

Clubs and lodges: private nonprofit (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)


Marinas: accessory

Marinas: recreational

Marinas: recreational boat launch/tie up

Poultry-and rabbit-killing establishments

Radio and television antennas that are free-standing or that

extend more than 25 feet above the building on which they are mounted - but not including microwave antennas (satellite dishes)

Recycling collection stations

Restaurants - including live entertainment and dancing, and

including accessory outdoor table service (in R-1 - R-10 Districts)

Tattoo parlors

Travel trailers, recreational vehicles, and similar camping

equipment: parking or storage.


(3)                     In the Plan, delete the second paragraph of C.2 and replace with a new second paragraph to read as follows:


C. Techniques Used to Achieve Plan Objectives

. . .

2.                     Rehabilitation

. . .

Over and above the codes and ordinances of the City of Baltimore, the provisions set forth in Appendix B of this Plan shall be applied to all residential and non-residential properties whether occupied or vacant.


(4)                     In the Plan, in Appendices A, C, and D, and for certain properties not listed in the Appendices but which are within the boundaries of the Middle East Urban Renewal Plan, as of Ordinance 18-190, delete the following properties:


621 North Washington Street                                          

627 North Washington Street                                                               

629 North Washington Street                                                               

624 North Castle Street                                                               

622 North Castle Street                                                               

620 North Castle Street                                                               

618 North Castle Street                                                               

616 North Castle Street                                                               

614 North Castle Street                                                               

612 North Castle Street                                                               

610 North Castle Street                                                               

608 North Castle Street                                                               

606 North Castle Street                                                               

604 North Castle Street                                                               

602 North Castle Street                                                               

600 North Castle Street                                                               

2026 McElderry Street                                                               

2024 McElderry Street                                                               

2022 McElderry Street                                                               

2020 McElderry Street                                                               

2018 McElderry Street                                                               

2016 McElderry Street                                                               

2014 McElderry Street                                                               

2012 McElderry Street                                                               

2010 McElderry Street                                                               

2008 McElderry Street                                                               

2006 McElderry Street                                                               

2004 McElderry Street                                                               

2002 McElderry Street                                                               

2000 McElderry Street                                                               

601 North Castle Street                                                               

603 North Castle Street                                                               

605 North Castle Street                                                               

607 North Castle Street                                                               

609 North Castle Street                                                               

611 North Castle Street                                                               

613 North Castle Street                                                               

615 North Castle Street                                                               

617 North Castle Street                                                               

619 North Castle Street                                                               

621 North Castle Street                                                               

623 North Castle Street                                                               

625 North Castle Street                                                               

627 North Castle Street                                                               

629 North Castle Street                                                               

631 North Castle Street                                                               

633 North Castle Street                                                               

2028 McElderry Street                                                               

601 North Collington Avenue                                                               

501 North Washington Street                                                               

503 North Washington Street                                                               

505 North Washington Street                                                               

507 North Washington Street                                                               

511 North Washington Street                                                               

513 North Washington Street                                                               

515 North Washington Street                                                               

517 North Washington Street                                                               

519 North Washington Street                                                               

521 North Washington Street                                                               

523 North Washington Street                                                               

525 North Washington Street                                                               

529 North Washington Street                                                               

531 North Washington Street                                                               

533 North Washington Street                                                               

535 North Washington Street                                                               

537 North Washington Street                                                               

539 N Washington Street                                                               

541 North Washington Street                                                               

543 North Washington Street                                                               

805 North Washington Street

807 North Washington Street

811 North Washington Street

813 North Washington Street

815 North Washington Street

817 North Washington Street

819 North Washington Street

826 North Washington Street

833 North Washington Street

536 North Castle Street                                                               

534 North Castle Street                                                               

532 North Castle Street                                                               

530 North Castle Street                                                               

528 North Castle Street                                                               

526 North Castle Street                                                               

524 North Castle Street                                                               

522 North Castle Street                                                               

520 North Castle Street                                                               

510 North Castle Street                                                               

2014 Jefferson Street                                                               

2012 Jefferson Street                                                               

2010 Jefferson Street                                                               

2008 Jefferson Street                                                               

2006 Jefferson Street                                                               

2004 Jefferson Street                                                               

2002 Jefferson Street                                                               

501 North Castle Street                                                               

503 North Castle Street                                                               

505 North Castle Street                                                               

507 North Castle Street                                                               

509 North Castle Street                                                               

511 North Castle Street                                                               

513 North Castle Street                                                               

515 North Castle Street                                                               

517 North Castle Street                                                               

519 North Castle Street                                                               

521 North Castle Street                                                               

523 North Castle Street                                                               

525 North Castle Street                                                               

527 North Castle Street                                                               

529 North Castle Street                                                               

531 North Castle Street                                                               

533 North Castle Street                                                               

2019 McElderry Street                                                               

2021 McElderry Street                                                               

2023 McElderry Street                                                               

2025 McElderry Street                                                               

2027 McElderry Street                                                               

2029 McElderry Street                                                               

536 North Chester Street                                                               

532 North Chester Street                                                               

530 North Chester Street                                                               

528 North Chester Street                                                               

526 North Chester Street                                                               

524 North Chester Street                                                               

522 North Chester Street                                                               

520 North Chester Street                                                               

518 North Chester Street                                                               

516 North Chester Street                                                               

514 North Chester Street                                                               

512 North Chester Street                                                               

510 North Chester Street                                                               

508 North Chester Street                                                               

506 North Chester Street                                                               

504 North Chester Street                                                               

502 North Chester Street                                                               

2032 Jefferson Street                                                               

2030 Jefferson Street                                                               

2028 Jefferson Street                                                               

2026 Jefferson Street                                                               

2024 Jefferson Street                                                               

2022 Jefferson Street                                                               

2020 Jefferson Street                                                               

2018 Jefferson Street                                                               

2102 Jefferson Street                                                               

2104 Jefferson Street                                                               

2106 Jefferson Street                                                               

2108 Jefferson Street                                                               

2110 Jefferson Street                                                               

2114 Jefferson Street                                                               

2116 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2118 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2120 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2122 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2124 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2126 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

500 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

502 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

504 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

506 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

508 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

510 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

512 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

514 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

516 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

518 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

520 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

522 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

524 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

526 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

528 North Collington Avenue                                                                                    

2121 McElderry Street                                                                                    

539 North Chester Street                                                                                    

537 North Chester Street                                                                                    

535 North Chester Street                                                                                    

533 North Chester Street                                                                                    

531 North Chester Street                                                                                    

527 North Chester Street                                                                                    

525 North Chester Street                                                                                    

523 North Chester Street                                                                                    

517 North Chester Street                                                                                    

515 North Chester Street                                                                                    

513 North Chester Street                                                                                    

511 North Chester Street                                                                                    

509 North Chester Street                                                                                    

507 North Chester Street                                                                                    

503 North Chester Street                                                                                    

502 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

504 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

506 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

508 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

510 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

512 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

514 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

516 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

520 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

522 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

524 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

503 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

505 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

507 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

513 North Duncan Street                                                                                    

2200 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2202 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2204 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2206 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2208 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2210 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2212 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2214 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2216 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2218 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2222 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2224 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2226 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2228 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

2230 Jefferson Street                                                                                    

500 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

502 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

504 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

506 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

508 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

510 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

512 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

514 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

516 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

518 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

520 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

522 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

524 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

526 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

528 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

530 North Patterson Park Avenue                                                                                    

2253 McElderry Street                                                                                    

2251 McElderry Street                                                                                    

2249 McElderry Street                                                                                    

2247 McElderry Street

2245 McElderry Street

2243 McElderry Street

2241 McElderry Street

2239 McElderry Street

2237 McElderry Street

2235 McElderry Street

2233 McElderry Street

2229 McElderry Street

2213 McElderry Street

2211 McElderry Street

2209 McElderry Street

2207 McElderry Street

2205 McElderry Street

2203 McElderry Street

2201 McElderry Street

523 North Collington Avenue

521 North Collington Avenue

519 North Collington Avenue

517 North Collington Avenue

515 North Collington Avenue

513 North Collington Avenue

511 North Collington Avenue

509 North Collington Avenue

507 North Collington Avenue

505 North Collington Avenue

503 North Collington Avenue

501 North Collington Avenue

510 North Madeira Street

508 North Madeira Street

506 North Madeira Street

504 North Madeira Street

502 North Madeira Street

500 North Madeira Street

503 North Madeira Street

505 North Madeira Street

507 North Madeira Street

509 North Madeira Street

511 North Madeira Street

513 North Madeira Street

515 North Madeira Street

517 North Madeira Street

519 North Madeira Street

521 North Madeira Street

523 North Madeira Street

525 North Madeira Street

405 North Wolfe Street

407 North Wolfe Street

409 North Wolfe Street

411 North Wolfe Street

413 North Wolfe Street

415 North Wolfe Street

417 North Wolfe Street

419 North Wolfe Street

402 North Chapel Street

404 North Chapel Street

406 North Chapel Street

408 North Chapel Street

410 North Chapel Street

412 North Chapel Street

414 North Chapel Street

416 North Chapel Street

418 North Chapel Street

403 North Chapel Street

405 North Chapel Street

407 North Chapel Street

409 North Chapel Street

411 North Chapel Street

413 North Chapel Street

415 North Chapel Street

417 North Chapel Street

419 North Chapel Street

402 North Washington Street

404 North Washington Street

406 North Washington Street

408 North Washington Street

410 North Washington Street

412 North Washington Street

414 North Washington Street

416 North Washington Street

418 North Washington Street

1901 Jefferson Street

1903 Jefferson Street

1905 Jefferson Street

1907 Jefferson Street

1909 Jefferson Street

1911 Jefferson Street

1913 Jefferson Street

1915 Jefferson Street

1921 Jefferson Street

1923 Jefferson Street

1925 Jefferson Street

1927 Jefferson Street

1929 Jefferson Street

1931 Jefferson Street

1933 Jefferson Street

1935 Jefferson Street

1937 Jefferson Street

1920 Orleans Street

1918 Orleans Street

1916 Orleans Street

1914 Orleans Street

1910 Orleans Street

1908 Orleans Street

1906 Orleans Street

1904 Orleans Street

1902 Orleans Street

1900 Orleans Street

415 North Washington Street

429 North Washington Street

431 North Washington Street

433 North Washington Street

435 North Washington Street

2003 Jefferson Street

2005 Jefferson Street

2007 Jefferson Street

2009 Jefferson Street

2011 Jefferson Street

424 North Castle Street

422 North Castle Street

420 North Castle Street

418 North Castle Street

416 North Castle Street

404 North Castle Street

2022 Orleans Street

2020 Orleans Street

2018 Orleans Street

2016 Orleans Street

2014 Orleans Street

2012 Orleans Street

2010 Orleans Street

2000 Orleans Street

403 North Castle Street

405 North Castle Street

407 North Castle Street

409 North Castle Street

411 North Castle Street

413 North Castle Street

415 North Castle Street

417 North Castle Street

419 North Castle Street

421 North Castle Street

423 North Castle Street

425 North Castle Street

427 North Castle Street

429 North Castle Street

2015 Jefferson Street

2017 Jefferson Street

2019 Jefferson Street

2021 Jefferson Street

2023 Jefferson Street

2025 Jefferson Street

2027 Jefferson Street

2029 Jefferson Street

2031 Jefferson Street

2033 Jefferson Street

2035 Jefferson Street

2037 Jefferson Street

2039 Jefferson Street

422 North Chester Street

420 North Chester Street

418 North Chester Street

416 North Chester Street

414 North Chester Street

412 North Chester Street

410 North Chester Street

408 North Chester Street

406 North Chester Street

404 North Chester Street

402 North Chester Street

400 North Chester Street

2050 Orleans Street

2048 Orleans Street

2046 Orleans Street

2044 Orleans Street

2042 Orleans Street

2040 Orleans Street

2038 Orleans Street

2036 Orleans Street

2026 Orleans Street

401 North Chester Street

403 North Chester Street

405 North Chester Street

407 North Chester Street

409 North Chester Street

411 North Chester Street

413 North Chester Street

415 North Chester Street

417 North Chester Street

419 North Chester Street

421 North Chester Street

423 North Chester Street

425 North Chester Street

2101 Jefferson Street

2103 Jefferson Street

2105 Jefferson Street

2107 Jefferson Street

2109 Jefferson Street

2111 Jefferson Street

2113 Jefferson Street

2115 Jefferson Street

2117 Jefferson Street

2121 Jefferson Street

2123 Jefferson Street

2125 Jefferson Street

2127 Jefferson Street

2129 Jefferson Street

2131 Jefferson Street

2133 Jefferson Street

2135 Jefferson Street

2137 Jefferson Street

2139 Jefferson Street

428 North Collington Avenue

426 North Collington Avenue

424 North Collington Avenue

422 North Collington Avenue

420 North Collington Avenue

418 North Collington Avenue

416 North Collington Avenue

414 North Collington Avenue

412 North Collington Avenue

410 North Collington Avenue

408 North Collington Avenue

406 North Collington Avenue

404 North Collington Avenue

402 North Collington Avenue

2134 Orleans Street

2132 Orleans Street

2130 Orleans Street

2128 Orleans Street

2126 Orleans Street

2124 Orleans Street

2122 Orleans Street

2120 Orleans Street

2118 Orleans Street

2116 Orleans Street

2114 Orleans Street

2112 Orleans Street

2110 Orleans Street

2108 Orleans Street

2106 Orleans Street

2104 Orleans Street

2102 Orleans Street

2100 Orleans Street

402 North Duncan Street

404 North Duncan Street

406 North Duncan Street

408 North Duncan Street

410 North Duncan Street

412 North Duncan Street

414 North Duncan Street

416 North Duncan Street

418 North Duncan Street

420 North Duncan Street

422 North Duncan Street

426 North Duncan Street

427 North Duncan Street

425 North Duncan Street

423 North Duncan Street

421 North Duncan Street

419 North Duncan Street

417 North Duncan Street

415 North Duncan Street

413 North Duncan Street

411 North Duncan Street

409 North Duncan Street

407 North Duncan Street

405 North Duncan Street

403 North Duncan Street

401 North Collington Avenue

403 North Collington Avenue

405 North Collington Avenue

407 North Collington Avenue

409 North Collington Avenue

411 North Collington Avenue

413 North Collington Avenue

415 North Collington Avenue

417 North Collington Avenue

419 North Collington Avenue

421 North Collington Avenue

2201 Jefferson Street

2203 Jefferson Street

2205 Jefferson Street

2207 Jefferson Street

2209 Jefferson Street

2211 Jefferson Street

2213 Jefferson Street

2215 Jefferson Street

2217 Jefferson Street

2219 Jefferson Street

2221 Jefferson Street

2223 Jefferson Street

2225 Jefferson Street

2227 Jefferson Street

2229 Jefferson Street

2231 Jefferson Street

2233 Jefferson Street

2235 Jefferson Street

2237 Jefferson Street

452 North Patterson Park Avenue

450 North Patterson Park Avenue

448 North Patterson Park Avenue

446 North Patterson Park Avenue

444 North Patterson Park Avenue

442 North Patterson Park Avenue

440 North Patterson Park Avenue

438 North Patterson Park Avenue

436 North Patterson Park Avenue

434 North Patterson Park Avenue

432 North Patterson Park Avenue

430 North Patterson Park Avenue

428 North Patterson Park Avenue

426 North Patterson Park Avenue

424 North Patterson Park Avenue

422 North Patterson Park Avenue

420 North Patterson Park Avenue

418 North Patterson Park Avenue

416 North Patterson Park Avenue

414 North Patterson Park Avenue

412 North Patterson Park Avenue

410 North Patterson Park Avenue

408 North Patterson Park Avenue

406 North Patterson Park Avenue

404 North Patterson Park Avenue

402 North Patterson Park Avenue

400 North Patterson Park Avenue

2236 Orleans Street

2234 Orleans Street

2232 Orleans Street

2230 Orleans Street

2228 Orleans Street

2226 Orleans Street

2224 Orleans Street

2222 Orleans Street

2220 Orleans Street

2218 Orleans Street

2216 Orleans Street

2214 Orleans Street

2212 Orleans Street

2210 Orleans Street

2208 Orleans Street

2206 Orleans Street

2204 Orleans Street

2202 Orleans Street

2200 Orleans Street

400 North Madeira Street

402 North Madeira Street

404 North Madeira Street

406 North Madeira Street

408 North Madeira Street

410 North Madeira Street

412 North Madeira Street

414 North Madeira Street

416 North Madeira Street

418 North Madeira Street

420 North Madeira Street

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431 North Madeira Street

205 North Collington Avenue

207 North Collington Avenue

209 North Collington Avenue

211 North Collington Avenue

213 North Collington Avenue

215 North Collington Avenue

217 North Collington Avenue

219 North Collington Avenue

221 North Collington Avenue

223 North Collington Avenue

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229 North Collington Avenue

2201 Orleans Street

2203 Orleans Street

2205 Orleans Street

2207 Orleans Street

2209 Orleans Street

2211 Orleans Street

2213 Orleans Street

2215 Orleans Street

2217 Orleans Street

2219 Orleans Street

2221 Orleans Street

2223 Orleans Street

2225 Orleans Street

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2231 Orleans Street

2233 Orleans Street

244 North Patterson Park Avenue

240 North Patterson Park Avenue

238 North Patterson Park Avenue

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234 North Patterson Park Avenue

232 North Patterson Park Avenue

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228 North Patterson Park Avenue

226 North Patterson Park Avenue

224 North Patterson Park Avenue

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214 1/2 North Patterson Park Avenue

214 North Patterson Park Avenue

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200 North Patterson Park Avenue

2228 East Fayette Street

2226 East Fayette Street

2224 East Fayette Street

2222 East Fayette Street

2220 East Fayette Street

2218 East Fayette Street

2216 East Fayette Street

2214 East Fayette Street

2212 East Fayette Street

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2200 East Fayette Street

2203 Mullikin Street

2207 Mullikin Street

2209 Mullikin Street

2204 Mullikin Street

2206 Mullikin Street

230 North Madeira Street

228 North Madeira Street

226 North Madeira Street

224 North Madeira Street

222 North Madeira Street

220 North Madeira Street

218 North Madeira Street

216 North Madeira Street

214 North Madeira Street

212 North Madeira Street

210 North Madeira Street

208 North Madeira Street

206 North Madeira Street

204 North Madeira Street

211 North Madeira Street

213 North Madeira Street

215 North Madeira Street

217 North Madeira Street

219 North Madeira Street

221 North Madeira Street

223 North Madeira Street

225 North Madeira Street

227 North Madeira Street

229 North Madeira Street


(5)                     In the Plan, delete Appendix B - East Monument Street Business Area: Properties and Exterior Rehabilitation Standards and replace with new Appendix B - Middle East Urban Renewal Plan Design Guidelines, which reads as follows:


                     Middle East Urban Renewal Plan Rehabilitation

                     Design Guidelines


                     May 2020


General Objectives


                     Establish standards for the rehabilitation of structures that serve to preserve facades, including cornices, windows, doors, trim, and original materials.


                     Encourage the rehabilitation of properties and structures that allows for modern need, design, and the preservation of historic elements and addresses the scale, form and context of existing block.


                     Design additions to be compatible with the existing structure in massing, height, form, and scale.  Endeavor to place additions on a secondary elevation where possible.


                     Encourage the revitalization of commercial areas and properties in a way that preserves and supports the visual character and economic health of the district and allows for maintenance of district buildings and related sites in compliance with regulatory health and safety requirements.


A.  General Rehabilitation Guidelines


The guidelines in this section apply to all properties, zoning categories and uses within the Middle East Urban Renewal Plan area.


1.                     Exterior walls


                     All exterior front and/or sidewalls that have not been wholly or partially resurfaced or built over, shall be repaired, cleaned or painted.  Brick walls shall be pointed where necessary.  Painted masonry walls shall have loose material removed and painted.  Patched walls shall match the existing adjacent surfaces as to material, color, bond, and joining.


                     Resurfacing of existing brick facades shall be implemented in accordance with standard brick modular brick work.  With the exception of rear and interior side walls where formstone has been removed, resurfacing with materials such as formstone, wood siding, structural glass veneer, aluminum and vinyl siding, etc. shall not be permitted.  Front or side walls may be resurfaced with stucco-like materials.


                     Unfinished, smooth-faced concrete is prohibited.  Smooth-faced concrete must be finished with approved materials.


                     Existing siding and unpainted formstone may remain if it is in good condition and in need of minimal repair.  It may not be painted.


                     Chimneys, elevator penthouses, or any other auxiliary structures on roofs requiring renovation shall meet all required zoning and building code requirements.  Any construction visible from the street or from other buildings shall be finished so as to be harmonious with other visible building walls.


                     Chimneys must be standard modular brick.


                     Foundations must be patched with like materials.                     


2.                     Windows and doors


                     All windows must be tight fitting and have sashes of proper size and design for the existing structure.


                     Sashes with rotten wood, broken joints, or broken or loose mullions or muntins shall be replaced.  All broken and missing windows shall be replaced.  All exposed wood shall be repaired and painted.


                     Replacement windows and doors must be of the same size and shape of the existing opening and fit within the structure’s existing, original openings.  Windows and doors that are fabricated with dimensions lesser than the structure’s existing openings are not allowed to be installed with panel surrounds that serve to alter existing, original openings.


                     Existing masonry openings may not be enlarged except to accommodate contemporary door dimensions or unless submitted construction documents illustrate the new enlarged openings as a component of the comprehensive design for the structure or structures.


                     Window and door openings in the front of the building shall not be filled or boarded unless otherwise required by the Baltimore City Code.


                     Dormer windows on roofs sloping toward the street shall be retained and repaired or replaced in an appropriate manner to preserve their original architectural design.


                     Special windows, such as bays, boxes and dormers, must be refurbished unless their condition shows that they are beyond repair.


3.  Trim


                     All structural and decorative elements shall be repaired or replaced to match as closely as possible, the existing materials and construction.  All cornices shall be made structurally sound, and rotted or weakened portions shall be removed and repaired or replaced to match as closely as possible, the existing cornice.  All exposed wood shall be painted.


                     Existing cornices that have been covered with aluminum or vinyl siding and are in good repair may remain.   Damaged or worn cornices must be repaired or replaced with trim that matches material and color of original component.  No new installations of siding to cover cornices are allowed.


4.                     Properties/yards/fencing


                     Mechanical Units:  Air conditioning units and other mechanical equipment must be screened from public view.


                     Accessibility Ramps on Residential Buildings: When accessibility ramps are used, they should be attached to the back or side of a residence.  Side ramps that are visible from the street should incorporate the same architectural vocabulary as front porches.


                     Accessibility Ramps on Non-Residential or multi-family buildings over 20 units: When accessibility ramps are used, they should incorporate the same architectural vocabulary as the defined by the supporting building.


                     Front and side yard fencing:  Fencing heights shall not exceed 42 inches for front yards and side yards in front of the rear building line.


                     Back yard fencing installed within areas located beyond the rear building line shall not exceed six feet in height.


5.                     Additions/garages


                     Additions and garages visible from any street must be designed to address the scale and the materials of primary structure.  Smooth-faced concrete block that is not finished with approved materials is prohibited as a material for additions and garages.


B.                     Non-residential rehabilitation standards


Over and above the codes and ordinances of the City of Baltimore, the following additional standards shall be applied to all non-residential properties, whether occupied or vacant, within the Middle East Urban Renewal Plan area, including the East Monument Street Business Area.


1.                     Storefronts


                     A storefront, as a part of a building facade, shall be defined to include:


(a)                     The building face and the entrance area leading to the door;


(b)                     The door, sidelights, transoms, show windows and all display platforms and devices including lighting and signage, designed to be viewed from the public right-of-way and/or the areas visible to the public prior to entering the interior portion of the structure.


                     Storefronts, entrances, lighting, sun protection, signage and other show window elements shall be designed to be compatible, harmonious and consistent with the architecture of the building and scale and character of the existing structures.


                     All exposed portions of security grilles and screens that are painted in normal practice and all portions that require painting to preserve, protect or renovate the surface shall be painted.  Non-metal grilles and screens shall be prohibited.


                     All new and existing screens and grilles over show windows parallel with streets must be constructed so they may be opened or removed, except grilles over transoms and narrow sidelights which may be non-opening are subject to the approval of the Department of Housing and Community Development.  Such screens and grilles shall be opened or removed during the normal business hours of that business.


                     Display of goods shall be restricted to the inside of store premises with the exception of special sales events sponsored by the East Monument Street Merchant’s Association and with the permission of the Department of Housing and Community Development.


2.                     Awnings


                     Rigid awnings or sun screens shall not be placed on any portion of a building except for those fixed awnings or sun screens that may be permitted by the Department of Housing and Community Development.


3.                     Signage


                     Comply with signage requirements per Article 17 of the Zoning Code of Baltimore City.


C.                     Required submissions


For the purpose of seeking approval for any exterior modifications that comprise over 10 square feet for residential and non-residential properties, all permit applications must be accompanied by dimensioned site plans as needed, and elevations that show proposed improvements including materials.  Where there are fenestration changes both the existing and proposed conditions must be provided.


(5)                     In the Plan, delete Appendix E: New East Baltimore Community Guidelines in its entirety.


(6)                     In the Plan, replace the exhibits as follows:


Exhibit 1, “Land Use Plan”, with new Exhibit 1, “Land Use Plan”, dated

November 10, 2020

Exhibit 2, “Property Acquisition”, with new Exhibit 2, “Property Acquisition”,

dated November 10, 2020

Exhibit 3, “Property Disposition”, with new Exhibit 3, “Property Disposition”,

dated November 10, 2020

Exhibit 4, “Zoning Districts”, with new Exhibit 4, “Zoning Districts, dated

November 10, 2020


to reflect the changes to this Plan by this Ordinance.


Section 2.  And be it further ordained, That the Urban Renewal Plan for Middle East, as amended by this Ordinance and identified as “Urban Renewal Plan, Middle East, revised to include Amendment __, dated January 25, 2021”, is approved.  The Department of Planning shall file a copy of the amended Urban Renewal Plan with the Department of Legislative Reference as a permanent public record, available for public inspection and information.


Section 3.  And be it further ordained, That if the amended Urban Renewal Plan approved by this Ordinance in any way fails to meet the statutory requirements for the content of a renewal plan or for the procedures for the preparation, adoption, and approval of a renewal plan, those requirements are waived and the amended Urban Renewal Plan approved by this Ordinance is exempted from them.


Section 4.  And be it further ordained, That if any provision of this Ordinance or the application of this Ordinance to any person or circumstance is held invalid for any reason, the invalidity does not affect any other provision or any other application of this Ordinance, and for this purpose the provisions of this Ordinance are declared severable.


Section 5.  And be it further ordained, That if a provision of this Ordinance concerns the same subject as a provision of any zoning, building, electrical, plumbing, health, fire, or safety law or regulation, the applicable provisions shall be construed to give effect to each.  However, if the provisions are found to be in irreconcilable conflict, the one that establishes the higher standard for the protection of the public health and safety prevails.  If a provision of this Ordinance is found to be in conflict with an existing provision of any other law or regulation that establishes a lower standard for the protection of the public health and safety, the provision of this Ordinance prevails and the other conflicting provision is repealed to the extent of the conflict.


Section 6.  And be it further ordained, That this Ordinance takes effect on the date it is enacted.