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Tuesday, July 2, 2024  
10:05 AM  
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Bond Issue - School Loan - $55,000,000  
For the purpose of authorizing the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore  
(pursuant to General Assembly House Resolution II and Senate Resolution  
II of 2024 approved by the members of the Maryland General Assembly  
representing Baltimore City) to create a debt, and to issue and sell, at any  
time or from time to time and in one or more series its certificates of  
indebtedness as evidence thereof, and proceeds not exceeding  
FIFTY-FIVE Million Dollars ($55,000,000.00) from the sale of such  
certificates of indebtedness to be used for the cost of issuance, including  
the expense of engraving, printing, advertising, attorneys’ fees, and all  
other incidental expenses connected therewith (which may include the  
proportion of the compensation of employees and general administrative  
expenses of the Department of Finance reasonably allocated to the  
issuance of the bonds); and the remainder of such proceeds shall be used  
for the acquisition, by purchase, lease, condemnation or any other legal  
means, of land or property, or any rights therein, in the City of Baltimore,  
and demolishing, constructing and erecting on said land or property, or on  
any land or property now or hereafter owned by the Baltimore City Board of  
School Commissioners and/or the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore,  
new school buildings, athletic and other auxiliary facilities including  
community health and recreation facilities, and for additions and  
improvements to, or the modernization or reconstruction of, including the  
inspection, removal, encapsulation, management, containment and  
abatement of asbestos from existing facilities, and for equipment for any  
and all new or existing facilities authorized to be constructed, erected,  
added, improved, modernized or reconstructed by the provisions hereof;  
the payment of any and all costs and expenses incurred for or in connection  
with doing any or all of the things herein mentioned, including, but not  
limited to, the costs and expenses of securing administrative, appraisal,  
economic analysis, engineering, planning, designing, architectural,  
surveying, and other professional services, including, without limitation,  
services relating to planning for future projects of the same general  
character which may be constructed out of future loans; and for doing any  
and all things necessary, proper or expedient in connection with or  
pertaining to any or all of the matters or things hereinbefore mentioned;  
authorizing the issuance of refunding bonds; conferring certain powers  
upon the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners; imposing certain  
conditions in connection with the expenditure of the proceeds derived from  
the sale of said certificates of indebtedness; conferring and imposing upon  
the Board of Finance of Baltimore City certain powers and duties;  
authorizing the submission of this Ordinance to the legal voters of the City  
of Baltimore, for their approval or disapproval, at the Election to be held on  
Tuesday, the 5th day of November, 2024, and providing for the expenditure  
of the proceeds of sale of said certificates of indebtedness in accordance  
with the provisions of the Charter of the Mayor and City Council of  
Baltimore, and by the municipal agency designated in the annual  
Ordinance of Estimates of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore.  
Administration City Council